The Bennington Oral Health Coalition is a grassroots, community-led initiative to improve oral health in Bennington, Vermont.

For years, Bennington has struggled with poor oral health outcomes. Elementary school students’ lives have been dampened with cavities; adults have struggled to pay extraction bills, and the professional oral health community has been hard-pressed to keep the community in health.

It’s time for a change. We are eager to boost Bennington’s dental health with a number of efforts, aimed at preventing costly and painful decay and tooth loss, and to change the culture surrounding oral health in our area. We invite you to contribute to improving dental health in Bennington — and together, we look toward a stronger oral health future for all those in our town.

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Rethink your Drink!

Sugary drinks, when not consumed in moderation, can often lead to tooth decay and erosion. But what constitutes a “sugary drink”? The obvious answer that comes to mind is soda- Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, you name it. But interestingly enough, drinks that we consider more healthy than soda- such as fruit juices, coffee, and energy … Continue reading Rethink your Drink!

Fluoridation Works Two Ways

How does fluoridated water actually work to protect teeth from tooth decay? It’s a question that some people may ask, so here’s the answer. As this video explains http://www.ilikemyteeth.org/learn-share/how-fluoride-works/, fluoridated water works two ways. First, for young children during the tooth-forming years, the fluoride that is swallowed helps to strengthen the enamel of the developing teeth, making … Continue reading Fluoridation Works Two Ways

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